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survivor season 35

Five are left on season 35 of ‘Survivor’ — but who will win and take home the $1 million? Follow along with our finale live blog as it all goes down!

The Final Five of Survivor: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers is made up of two Heroes (Chrissy and Ben), two Hustlers (Devon and Ryan) and one Healer (Mike). Immediately after the five get back from the last tribal, where Ashley was voted out, Ben runs off and tries to find another immunity idol, as the other four plot a way to finally vote him out of the game. He searches all night in the pitch black, and right before he’s about to turn in, he finds his third idol. Whoa!

Chrissy decides it’s time to bury the hatchet with Ben (they were tightly aligned in the beginning and had a falling out when he turned on her). However, she makes it clear to the viewers that it’s strictly for gameplay and she still doesn’t trust him. Chrissy tries to finagle a way into Ben’s Final 3, but he sees right through her, and reveals his plans to blindside her at the next vote. At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, the players have to maneuver a series of water obstacles to grab keys, then unlock pieces to a puzzle, which they then have to solve. For the third time, Chrissy wins Immunity…and clearly, the timing is crucial.

The challenge win also comes with a reward of comfort food, and Chrissy picks Mike and Devon to join her. It’s an interesting decision, considering Ryan has been her biggest ally since the tribe swap. It’s a smart move, though: Why would she risk leaving Mike or Devon with Ben, when she’s not as tight with them and they could flop on her at any time?

At the reward, the threesome come up with a plan to pretend to Ben that they have a “super immunity idol” by re-using the advantage Ryan gave Chrissy at the first vote, but she never had a chance to use. Of course, Ben already has the idol, so he knows it’s a total fake-out — but he plays along and acts like his game is over.

Keep refreshing because we’ll be updating our recap all episode long!

MovieMagicians, who do you think will win Survivor?!

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