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‘The Bachelor Winter Games’ finale is already here! So, who’s going to be the first Bachelor World couple? Find out which pair wins it all by reading our live blog!

The people left in The Bachelor Winter Games house are all coupled up. There are 5 couples left — Lesley and Dean, Bibiana and Jordan, Courtney and Lily, Stassi and Luke, and Ashley and Kevin. Lesley is blown away that she’s found love with Dean. Ashley and Kevin are heating things up big time. Jordan notes that he has a “strong connection” with Bibiana. “She’s someone I can fall in love with,” he says.

Chris Harrison reveals that the couples will be ice dancing in their final challenge. They’ll perform in front of a legendary judges. The winning couple will be crowned the champions and first couple of Bachelor World. All the couples head to practice. They have to work together to make sure their performance is top notch. But it’s all about the chemistry, too. If there’s no spark, they’re going to melt on the ice.

Courtney and Lily have some fun in the hot tub after a day of practicing. “I’ve never liked someone this quickly before,” Lily admits. Girl, it’s not that surprising. Courtney is a catch! Watching these two do snow angels in just their bathing suits is just plain adorable.

But not all the couples are as well off as Courtney and Lily. There’s visible distance between Jordan and Bibiana after their practice. Jordan is starting to wonder what’s going to happen next with Bibiana, but she’s not ready to give him answers. Jordan starts to blame himself for questioning Bibiana about their relationship. Bibiana practically walks out in tears and runs to Ashley. She wants to know why she can’t just get on the same page as him. She wants to, but something is holding her back. Bibiana packs up her things, but she swears she’s just “organizing.” Their conversation is far from over. Jordan confronts Bibiana and wants to know if their relationship going to go beyond Vermont. Bibiana breaks down in tears from the pressure. She runs up the stairs to cry, and Jordan can hear her. It’s heartbreaking. He says he’ll dow whatever she’s comfortable with. “I need to go home,” Bibiana says. “I’m not ready.”

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