How Did Fire Start That Caused Jack’s Death — Recap – Movie Magic

How Did Fire Start That Caused Jack’s Death — Recap – Hollywood Life

The Jan. 23 episode of ‘This Is Us’ revealed what caused the fire that led to Jack’s death. Read our recap for a full rundown.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday in the Pearson house. The Steelers aren’t playing, but they still have to watch. (Pretty bummed my theory didn’t pan out.) This is Jack and Rebecca’s last Super Bowl with the kids at home. Before the big game, Jack does some final work on the new entertainment center he’s built. He tells Kevin that working on it has helped him stay sober.

Kevin could care less that his father is trying to open up with him. He’s not really happy with his life right now. Because of his knee injury, Kevin’s college plans have drastically changed. He is now going to have to go to community college to get his grades up. Meanwhile, Kate has heard back from Berklee. She’s in the final round of applicants and needs to perform and original song. She goes upstairs to start practicing, and Jack films her singing. She flips when she realizes what he’s doing. She doesn’t want to be on camera. Later, when Jack tries to apologize and make her feel better, Kate stops him. “I don’t see myself the way you see me,” she tells him. Jack saying all these things that Kate doesn’t believe hurts. She just wants him to stop.

Randall backs out of watching the Super Bowl with the family to take Sophie out on their first real date to see Titanic. Kevin finds out Sophie’s going to NYU. He’s pissed at how everything’s turned out. “I was supposed to end up in the Super Bowl, not watch it like you guys,” he snarls at his parents. He storms out and heads to Sophie’s house.

Kate pops in the video her dad filmed of her singing and sees the way he looks at her, so full of pride and joy. She walks downstairs and tells Jack to never “stop trying to make me see myself the way you see me.” But she doesn’t stay and watch the game. She goes over to a friend’s house. So it’s just Jack and Rebecca left. Rebecca has a surprise for Jack — his first house to flip with his new construction company. Jack asks Rebecca to be his business partner on this journey. She happily agrees. They celebrate with Super Bowl sex.

Kevin calls home and apologizes for how he treated is parents. He wants to know whether or not Jack’s mad. Rebecca says he’s not and offers Kevin the chance to talk to Jack. “I’ll just talk to him tomorrow,” he says. But he doesn’t get that chance.

The Super Bowl is over, and all the kids are home except Kevin. Jack and Randall talk in the kitchen, and Randall admits that he kissed Allison. His first kiss! Jack cleans up the kitchen, loads up the dishwasher, sweeps the floor, and writes a note. “Kevin, if I don’t see you before I go to work tomorrow, I love you,” he writes. “You owe us an apology.” Before he heads up the bed, he turns the crock pot off. Remember the elderly couple, George and Sally, from the beginning of the episode? They used to live across the street from Jack and Rebecca back in the day. They gifted Jack and Rebecca with their crockpot. George reminds Jack that you have to fiddle with the switch. Jack forgets this note. The crock pot catches fire. The flames crawl up the stairs, burning everything in sight, including the note Jack wrote to Kevin.

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