Mammootty fans hurl abuses at Parvathy for her comments on Kasaba, yet the superstar does not come to her rescue

Mammootty fans hurl abuses at Parvathy for her comments on Kasaba, yet the superstar does not come to her rescue

Recently, Malayalam actress Parvathy expressed her disappointment quite openly at a superstar mounting chauvinistic dialogues at  a film festival . At first, she didn’t mention the name of the movie. But as per reports on India Today, Fellow actress Mamta Mohandas who was also at the panel encouraged to name the film and she did. The movie in question was Kasaba starring Mammootty. The particular dialogue she was referring to was the following – “I will f**k you (his woman superior) so hard that you’d find it extremely difficult to walk. I will hurt you so badly that your menstrual cycle would go for a toss.” as translated by India Today.

The actress has had abuses hurled at her ever since. Mammootty fans have incessantly been trolling her, in fact she ahs been receviing rape and death threats. While a few have supported her, their support has been drowned out by the havoc created by his fans. But above all, what’s has shocked everyone is Mammootty’s stoic silence over the matter. The actor has chosen to keep mum and nobody knows why. Isn’t he aware of the impact his one statement would have? His silence could be misconstrued, there might be those who even think Mammootty endorses what his fans believe. So, why the indifference? However this is not an incident, first of its kind. Earlier this year, when a female journalist so much as compared Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal to a Thalapathy Vijay movie in a negative manner, hell broke loose on Twitter. She was trolled consecutively for three days by Thalapathy Fans. Fortunately, Vijay then issued a statement and requested his fans to put a stop to their disrespectful behaviour.

In yet another incident in 2016, when a woman dared to criticize Pulimurugan, MOhanlal’s film and called it average, she was lashed out at on social media. Coincidentally, the three of them happen to be women.  Does it imply a misogynistic society at large? Don’t know what is worse, an on screen dialogue mouthed by an influential figure or a real life society that believes in humiliating someone (specifically women in these cases) because they went against an actor.

She also clarified that she had nothing against Mammootty and that she had just expressed disappointment – “I never criticised him. Simply expressed my disappointment in the movie. Thanks for being respectful in the way you put across the comment here. Very rare it seems here.”

However, there is one point to take note of. As Gopinath Parayil stated, how can an actor refuse to be chauvinistic or mysognistic if the character demands it? What if Mammootty put on that act for the camera? Is there room for benefit of doubt because several actors have known to pull off roles they don’t believe in, but that’s what acting is all about right? Then again, Mammootty’s lack of opinion is not helping matters.

So guys, what do you think? Should Mammootty speak up? Would that bring about some calm in the situation?

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