Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde may make life hell for Vikas Gupta feels Hiten Tejwani

Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde may make life hell for Vikas Gupta feels Hiten Tejwani

Last night’s Bigg Boss 11 episode saw some startling revelations. You must have guessed that we are talking about the whole conversation about how Vikas Gupta allegedly hinted to Priyank Sharma that he wanted to save him on the show. It seems he said that he would take Hiten’s name knowing that Priyank would get votes from Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi. We got in touch with Hiten Tejwani who said that he was reading posts about it on Twitter. He told us, “I am reading what people are saying on social media. But see the whole point is that she should have taken my name. I needed that majority. Her vote mattered a lot at that point. Anyone might have made any plans behind my back. Shilpa could have taken my name, it was easier at that point.” (Also Read: Bigg Boss 11: Priyank Sharma beats Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and Shilpa Shinde to become the new captain of the house)

Hiten also confesses that he is unclear about Priyank Sharma’s role in the whole thing. “I heard that Priyank was perhaps lying about Vikas saying that he wanted to save him. It seems like, maybe they played a game. Perhaps, Priyank was lying. I don’t know.” However, he is sure that it will not affect his relationship with Vikas Gupta. “No, I don’t feel it will affect anything. But I will surely ask Vikas what was on his mind. The show will be over then,” he says. The TV veteran also feels that Shilpa Shinde and Hina Khan’s friendship is nothing more than a tactical alliance. “I do not think it is a friendship in a long -term perspective. They got together for just a task. Shilpa is against Vikas while Hina does not like him from day one. When two enemies become friends to target someone, it is not a relation,” states Hiten. (Also Read: Bigg Boss 11: Akash Dadlani, Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan will go to Kalkothri today)

The gentleman actor also stated that he remembers Hina saying that she will never be friends and Shilpa asking who will be friends with Hina. “I feel the coming days will be trouble for Vikas as these women have joined hands but we will see,” he signs off. Post his exit, Hiten went to Pondicherry for a small break with wife, Gauri. He also thanked everyone for support. Stay tuned to Movie Magic for more scoop and updates…



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