Bigg Boss 11: Former contestant Jyoti Kumari doesn’t look like this anymore

Bigg Boss 11: Former contestant Jyoti Kumari doesn’t look like this anymore

We told you yesterday how Mehjabi Siddiqui has undergone a massive transformation after getting out of Bigg Boss 11. Turns out she is not the only one to have gone through a transformation after the show. Jyoti Kumari is also one of the contestants who looks completely different now. Fans are wondering how Jyoti looks so damn pretty now. People are commenting and asking if she has gone under the knife to look so pretty. Well, we don’t think she looked bad before, too. She was beautiful before, too. But fans are going crazy and can’t stop looking at her pictures. Her pictures are going viral on social media.

Jyoti was one of the sweetest contestants on the show who got nominated in the initial stages of the show. The former contestant had told Hindustan Times in an interview that she is quite interested in acting and will look out for opportunities. Seems like she is all set to launch herself in the TV industry. We won’t even be surprised to see her in a TV show anytime soon. Sapna Choudhary, who was also evicted quite recently, made an appearance in Laado 2 recently as herself. She performed a little on the show as a part of the plot. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: Jyoti Kumari makes these SHOCKING revelations post her elimination)

Check out this picture of Jyoti’s transformation right here.

Looks pretty, doesn’t she? Jyoti had told the portal, “Bigg Boss is a very popular show and having been part of it, I know more about it now. The experience inside the house has been an interesting one. Now, when I am out, I would love to do TV shows. I enjoyed watching Geet, Madhubala and Kaali. Shows that highlight women empowerment, interests me. I have grown up watching TV and have always dreamt of being a part of it. Bigg Boss had been in a way a stepping stone towards that”. What are your thoughts on this? Tell us in the comments below and stay tuned with us for more.

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