EXCLUSIVE! Salman Khan has given a nickname to the Race 3 villain, Freddy Daruwala – find out what

EXCLUSIVE! Salman Khan has given a nickname to the Race 3 villain, Freddy Daruwala - find out what

It is a hot June evening at Mehboob Studios but Freddy Daruwala is not complaining. He is acutely aware that it is a Sunday and wants to finish every interview ASAP. Freddy greets us warmly and says he commiserates with us as we have been forced out of our homes on a holiday! The handsome Parsi boy won over a few hearts with his competent performance as a sleeper cell head in the riveting action drama Holiday, which had Akshay Kumar in the lead. Post that, he did Commando 2 but surely Race 3 looks like a big break for him. In the film, he plays a suave and cunning villain, Rana. Talking EXCLUSIVELY to Movie Magic, Freddy said, “I am a huge fan of the franchise…I mean who doesn’t like good-looking girls ! (Laughs out loud). The clothes, music, direction and the narrative made the Race films a great watch. I have seen the earlier films and loved the music.” (Also Read: Poll Results: Race 3 will BEAT Tiger Zinda Hai to become Salman Khan’s biggest hit, say fans)

It seems Freddy was the chosen one for the role of the mega villain in the film. He did not audition and was offered the film but none else than casting director, Mukesh Chhabra. “I feel my past projects worked well for me. Mukesh called me and said that there is this role and I feel you can doing it really well. He fixed up a meeting with Ramesh Taurani and I heard the story. I liked it. Getting a project like this is always a win-win situation,” he opines. Freddy has been constantly working on his skills doing acting, dancing and action workshops. “I did basic character building exercises with Remo D’Souza. Every actor does that. It is to form an idea about why and how a character behaves in the way he does, what is forcing him and so on,” he said. (Also Read: Saif Ali Khan’s character will be mentioned in Salman Khan’s Race 3? here’s the answer)

He also reveals why Salman Khan called him Metro during the trailer launch of the film. “In the film, I am this really stylish dandy guy with gelled back hair and all. We were shooting at this hot place and I had my assistant keeping the umbrella on me. Obviously, I did not want to get my look spoiled. Salman Sir saw this and said, “Ekdum Metrosexual Banke Ghoom Raha Hai.” I told him it was not me, but my character Rana. So, he has given me a nickname and I think people will start using that soon.”


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