Katrina Kaif talks about Salman Khan, social media and if she’d ever be interested in Zoya Zinda Hai

Katrina Kaif talks about Salman Khan, social media and if she'd ever be interested in Zoya Zinda Hai

Katrina Kaif will be next seen in Tiger Zinda Hai with Salman Khan. The movie slated to release on December 22 is a sequel to their hit 2012 film Ek Tha Tiger. The actress reprises the role of the highly-skilled agent, Zoya. We met her for a tête-à-tête as the film nears the release date and she shed light on many aspects ranging from working with Salman Khan again to her social media life to her workout sessions with Alia. A moderately-conditioned hall, at Mehboob Studios,  posed as the stage for our meeting with the gorgeous diva. This is how the conversation went.

Your first thoughts when you heard of Tiger Zinda Hai?

When Ali (Abbas Zafar) told me he was doing a sequel, I was very taken aback. I did not know it was in his mind. But Ali is like that, he always comes to me when he is almost ready like Mere Brother Ki Dulhan, Gunday. He always tells me about them when they are almost ready. He works silently which is the best way to work. A lot of people talk more and work less. He works more and talks less. I like that in a person. I was happy he came up with it. He really worked on it a lot. You could see a lot of structure has gone into it about his vision about the film. Which is not the vision I would have had in my head for a sequel. But now that I see it, I am like..aah, okay, that is what he wanted.

What do you think it will take Bollywood to make a film titled Zoya Zinda Hai?

It doesn’t matter to me. We are making wrong connections to things. I think what will it take Bollywood to make a huge amazing action drama film that is on the level of what we would see anywhere in the world. That is what for me is important. I don’t care what the film is called. I care that I am in the film and I care that Zoya has a great character in the film. To put her name in the titled or not that depends…It wasn’t there in Ek Tha Tiger, why should it be there now. It matters what she is doing in the film, how they project her. How can we make films that are a better cinematic experience for our audience?

How has Salman evolved as a co-star since Maine Pyaar Kyu Kiya?

More than that we both have evolved a lot as people. People change, some things which are same and something which is not. We share a great equation. It is hard to explain or describe to put it to words. But it is one which is very warm and one which is very positive. It is one of the good energy.

If you had to sum up the entire experience of Tiger Zinda Hai – what would you say?

Its been a really happy one, a comfortable one and a peaceful one, I think this is the best way to put it. Its nice been on set with one of your best friends, it was hectic also, it was hectic for everyone whether he is my friend or not, there was lot going on, Ali had a lot on his plate as a director, big-big things to coordinate, huge sequences, different locations, a lot of fun working with Salman again been on set with him. He is also watching out for the film from every angle, he knows about story-telling, he knows about film-making so a lot of fun, a lot of fun been there.

Speaking of sharing good energy, your workout videos with Alia are very popular on the internet? How are your sessions with Alia like?

It is exactly what you see. We work out together sometimes. She is someone I am very fond of. She is a lovely person. We have a lot of fun together. And we are both on Instagram. We just did the Vogue BFF show together. I like her. I enjoy when I am around her. I like her mind. I like the person she is. She gets me.

And how has social media changed your life?

Social media has not changed my life at all. The only difference is that my life is on social media now. The only difference is that I am posting pictures, which I have always taken. I have a huge collection of almost every moment of my life on my phone. And I just put it there now.

If you had to talk about one observation about each Khan, what would that be? Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan.

I think Salman is very spontaneous and he likes to incorporate a lot of his life into the film. He works in the film. He brings a lot of himself into the film. Everything about Salman, I feel, is like a long extension of the way he sees life, who he is as a person, what he sees, what he believes in, what is his philosophy, his principles.

Aamir’s mind and his grasp on storytelling are phenomenal. He knows exactly how to tell a story. He is a great actor, he is a great director. He is a pretty incredible all-rounder.

Shah Rukh is extremely intelligent. I think he has a deep understanding of life. He has an incredible passion for his work. He is tireless, he keeps working.

What is the progress on your Aanand L Rai film with Shah Rukh?

One schedule has been done which was wonderful. Aanand is a wonderful director to work with, I really enjoy working with Anand sir. He really is the actor. He helps you to focus to help you get there. I am going to resume shooting for that film in February.

Would you be interested in doing a spinoff about Zoya?

For me, it is everything about the director and the script. I don’t think you need to make a spin-off. But if someone is able to take the story forward then why a spinoff they should make another film in the franchise.

You had to go through a certain type of training for TZH. What was the toughest part?

Any physical training is taxing for your body. We are not martial artists or stunts men, we have a very normal physical capacity. So it’s always taxing. It is hard on your body.

You are pushing the envelope in each and every film. In Dhoom 3 you did trapeze and now you are doing some high octane stunts, is this a conscious decision to do something different?

I think it’s just my nature. We are all different people. We have different strengths and weaknesses. So by nature, I am slightly more physical. I am inclined to more physical things. Dance is a big part of my life. I find dance very interesting.

One memorable moment while shooting TZH?

I think I could answer that question in two months from now.

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