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Taylor Swift, Katy Perry

Taylor Swift has been filming her new music video in Miami over the past few days and there’s been speculation that Katy Perry might shock everyone and make a cameo! Find out more here!

OMG! Taylor Swift, 28, has been filming her new music video with Future, 34, in Miami and new clues have led us to believe that she may be burying the hatchet and letting Katy Perry, 33, appear alongside her! After new footage surfaced of Taylor dancing while filming the music video, many viewers have commented on a back up dancer who looks strikingly similar to Katy! Taylor and Katy have allegedly put their feud behind them after making up while in Miami and Katy is set to make a cameo in Taylor’s video, a source told E!News.  Check out some of Taylor and Katy’s hottest music video looks here!

If that’s not enough, there have also been some clues that point to Katy’s appearance. Katy has publicly shared the story that her feud with Taylor allegedly started over back up dancers leaving Taylor’s tour to go on Katy’s tour. Now, is it just a coincidence that there’s a back up dancer looking like Katy in Tay’s new video? Probably not! Their feud has also allegedly been showcased through Taylor’s previous music video for “Bad Blood” and Katy’s music video for “Swish Swish.” Could it be they will showcase their truce the same way? Again, it’s possible! Finally, Katy also proved she has indeed been in Miami on the same day that Taylor’s video was being filmed by making a post on Instagram! When all of these clues add up, we can’t help but think it’s pretty good evidence of a possible Katy cameo!

If Katy does appear in Taylor’s music video it will be a huge deal since their ongoing feud has lasted for years now. It will also bring new hope for possible collaborations. As two of the biggest female pop stars in the music business right now, that sure would be something to see and hear! Here’s to hoping!

MovieMagicians, do you hope to see a truce between Taylor and Katy in Taylor’s new music video? Tell us in the comments below!

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