Who Is Johnny Rays? 5 Facts About The Man Spotted With Selena Gomez In Australia – Movie Magic

Who Is Johnny Rays? 5 Facts About The Man Spotted With Selena Gomez In Australia – Hollywood Life

Selena Gomez was spotting in the cozy arms of another man while in Australia on March 19, and we now know the lucky guy’s name — Johnny Rays! Here’s everything to know about him!

Although Justin Bieber, 24, and Selena Gomez, 25, are broken up, or on some sort of break at the moment, Jelena fans were in a tizzy on March 19 after seeing her in the arms of another man. Selena is currently in Sydney, Australia on vacation with friends, where she was spotted on a boat with a mystery man. We now know his name is Johnny Rays. In the now viral photos, Selena and Rays — bikini clad soaking up the sun — are smiling as they’re picture goofing off on a boat, with some shots showing Rays hugging Gomez close. So, are who is Johnny Rays? Are they more than friends? — Here’s five fast facts about him that will show you just how small the world truly is!

1. Johnny Rays works for Gomez and Bieber’s church, Hillsong. — He is a brand manager for one of the church’s bands called Young & Free, and works with Youth Pastors Peter & Laura Toggs. If you visit Hillsong’s website, you can learn more about Rays and his background.

2. There’s a reason he was in Australia with Gomez. — Rays is actually based in Sydney, Australia, according to the website. He grew up as part of the Sydney City Campus of Hillsong Church. The website reads: “After finishing high school, Johnny studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, before taking a position as a Project Manager in a Sydney-based design agency. Johnny volunteered in Hillsong Church’s Film & TV team for several years before taking on a role as the Sydney City Campus Film & TV Oversight in April 2011, where his responsibilities included coordinating a team of volunteers right through to changing projector bulbs.”

3. When he’s not on boats with Gomez, here’s his day to day. — “His days are now split between project management, producing video, marketing, social media, along with tours, with a few moments spent hosting the Y&F Pre-show with Peter Toggs,” the website says.

4. He’s obsessed with doughnuts , although he maintains his six pack quite well. — The Hillsong website even states that he loves doughnuts , but his Instagram story shows you just how passionate he is about the savory food.

5. While he currently has shorter locks, Rays can rock long hair like a pro. — Check out this throwback photo from 2012, where his luscious locks are down and wavy. Oh, and look, doughnuts!

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