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Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2018 is here! But before you make your plans, check out which stores and businesses are open for the holiday!

Loving your long Memorial Day weekend? Who isn’t!? Summer is nearly here and it’s the perfect time to kick back and enjoy the onset of warm weather. However, like every year, not everything is available on Memorial Day. It’s a national holiday, which means lots of things are closed or keep shorter hours. So, before you head out on some adventures, here’s what you can and can’t do with your extra day off!

First and foremost is shopping, right? What better way to spend the afternoon than strolling about your favorite shopping center hunting for amazing deals! Now, although most retail stores are open, it’s wise to check before making plans to visit. But it’s fairly common for stores to hold sales for Memorial Day Weekend, so don’t miss out on the fun!

However, several amenities and services won’t be available on Monday. Banks, libraries, mail services, garbage pick-up, courts, the DMV and schools will all be closed for the day, according to USA Today. The stock market also remains closed to mark the holiday. But all your favorite restaurants will be open, so don’t hesitate to make plans to chow down with your best friends! National parks are also open but some national parks services won’t be available for the day, so be sure you have all the facts before heading out!

Also, grocery stories will be open, including liquor stores. So, if you waited until the last minute to get all the items you need for your big barbecue, don’t worry! You still have time, and plenty of locations, to make sure your party is a big success! Happy Memorial Day! Enjoy and stay safe as we honor our fallen soldiers.

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