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Brielle Biermann

Brielle Biermann’s laughing off the nasty comments she’s getting from fans about her plumped lips. They don’t like them? Well, too bad! She says she’s making them even bigger!

Haters, back off! Brielle Biermann, 20, recently posted a gorgeous photo on Instagram from Khloe Kardashian‘s baby shower, and it got tons of attention — just not the good kind. The gorgeous photo showed her, mom Kim Zolciak, Khloe, and Larsa Pippen cuddled up close and puckering their lips for the camera. See that cute pic below! The comments section soon blew up with cruel comments about Brielle’s super-sized pout. But guess what? Brielle doesn’t care!

Not only is she not giving her detractors the time of day, but she’s not denying she got her lips done. She clapped back by making the comments on the post restricted, then tweeted, “Going to get my duck lips plumped up some more!! C ya!!” This is the second time Brielle’s been targeted for her appearance. She clapped back at a commenter who accused her of altering her appearance with plastic surgery.

““I did nothing but my lips!!!” she responded to one commenter directly. “My face is fat right now i’m thicker than I usually am can all of you seriously f*** off. it’s my fave if I wanna get 37 surgeries on it I will!! bye!” She hopped on Twitter after that to further illustrate her point. She shared a few photos of herself from the ages 14 to 18, writing, ““ONLY MY LIPS PLS LEAVE ME ALONEE BYE. People also grow up and as they grow up they change, they go thru puberty…if we all looked how we looked when we were 14-18, we’d be ugly AF forever. ALSO – if I wanted to re do my WHOLE FACE it does not AFFECT YOU WHAT SO F***ING EVEER! so hop off my d***. Now can we PLEASE talk about something else!!!! I’m literally SO bored of this whole face reconstruction guessing game.”

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