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Cardi B Rob Kardashian

Cardi B commented on a new side-by-side showcasing Rob Kardashian’s weightloss! Is she being flirty? Check it out!

As diehard fans know, Rob Kardashian has been battling weight issues for years now, which many argue has led to him avoiding the spotlight. But the reality star just got a big vote of confidence from a fellow celeb! Cardi B decided to comment on a (not entirely accurate) side-by-side showing Rob making huge strides in his effort to lose weight! “Yaaaasss Rob!!!!!!” the 25-year-old captioned 2 photos of Rob, the second heavily doctored to lend the Kardashian a slimmer figure (see the pic below). Okay, so the image isn’t real, but it’s the thought that counts!

The 30-year-old sock designer admitted recent that he misses his old self, hinting to fans that he’d like to get in shape like he used to be. This rare comment was met with a wave of support from friends and followers. So touching and probably just what Rob needs! And, not long after, we discovered that one of his siblings is taking a very active role in helping Rob shed the weight! Head here for tons more photos documenting Rob’s evolution to slim!

Khloe [Kardashian] is making it her mission to get Rob healthy again,” an insider previously told Movie EXCLUSIVELY. “She has a couple of months left before her baby arrives and her big priority is getting Rob back on track. “He’s grateful for her help and so far seems very motivated. He says he wants to get back to being himself again, he misses life. Rob’s actually making some progress, he hasn’t lost a ton of weight yet but he’s down about 15 pounds so it’s a good start. Khloe has challenged him to drop another 20 pounds by the time she has her baby, that’s the goal.” We’re rooting for you, Rob!

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