Ana Navarro & Meghan McCain’s Battle On ‘The View’ Continued Backstage – Movie Magic

Meghan McCain, Ana Navarro

Meghan McCain wanted nothing to do with Ana Navarro after their argument on ‘The View.’ Find out how things got worse when the cameras weren’t rolling!

Meghan McCain, 33, walked away from Ana Navarro, 46, when she tried to patch things up backstage after their very heated on-air debate during the Jan. 22 episode of The View, according to an insider at “When the show ended Ana walked up to Meghan, put her hand on her shoulder and said ‘Hey, Meghan listen’ in an effort to smooth things over,” the insider revealed. Meghan, however, refused to continue the heated discussion and even shouted, “Get away from me! Don’t talk to me!” Yikes! It seems like the daughter of John McCain took Ana’s words to heart and wasn’t ready to make amends just yet, if ever.

Meghan’s stubborn personality and temper definitely showed when cameras were rolling so it makes sense that she wouldn’t budge behind the scenes. Both Ana and Meghan are political personalities who are known for sticking up for what they believe in, even if that means getting into arguments like the recent high profile one. Their differences of opinion about the government shutdown was nothing short of serious to both women as they tried to get their points across and it got so heated that co-host Whoopi Goldberg had to interrupt it to calm them down.

After Ana and Meghan did indeed calm down and stop talking over each other, they both had the opportunity to speak what was on their mind. “I understand that DACA is a very emotional issue at this point, but most Republicans are on my side on this one, Ana,” Meghan said during the argument. “And I just don’t — it’s really difficult for me to understand sometimes why you still consider yourself a Republican.” It didn’t take long for Ana to reply. “Because I’m a Hispanic, immigrant Latina, because I was brought to this country when I was 8 years old,” was her emotionally powerful response.

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