Bigg Boss 11: Unlike Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde, Luv Tyagi doesn’t need a controversy to grab our attention – here’s how

Bigg Boss 11: Unlike Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde, Luv Tyagi doesn't need a controversy to grab our attention - here's how

It’s quite surprising to see Luv Tyagi survive in the Bigg Boss 11 house for so long. He is the only contestant who came as a padosi and played for a long time as a contestant. In fact, he didn’t even need enmity or a romance angle to stay on the show for so long. Call it sheer luck or his strategy, the audience is clearly impressed with Luv and want to see more of him. In fact, if you notice, Luv is always one of the most trending people on Twitter after the episode is over.

Even though him having a ‘soft spot’ for Hina Khan was one of the most spoken about topics in the house, he never supported or started it. He made it very clear that he doesn’t like her and he doesn’t want all of this. He was even called Bail-buddhi by Vikas Gupta and a couple of other contestants but the ‘bail-buddhi’ managed to stay in the game for so long. (ALSO READ: Bigg Boss 11: The Tyagi community gets together to help ‘Ladle Balak’ Luv win the show – watch videos)

Here are 5 reasons why Luv doesn’t really need a controversy to stay in game and how he has come so far.

The lone wolf

Though Hina and Priyank Sharma saved his rear a lot of times during nominations, the two also called him undeserving and refused to save him quite recently. He was, obviously, hurt by it but he also learnt his lesson. What we’re seeing now is Luv playing his own game finally without relying on Hina or Priyank. Though he is still friends with them. Or is he?

The Padosi Who Stayed

Now this was quite a strategy. While the audience was busy evicting the other Padosi, Luv made sure no one noticed him but not so much that he gets lesser votes. He took his time to understand people, the game, his friends and played along when he should. He is the only contestant among the Padosis who is still in the show.

What fights?

We vividly remember this interview Luv gave to a publication where he mentioned that he will make the lives of the Bigg Boss contestants a living hell. Uh, we don’t really see that happening but okay. Yes, Luv got into a couple of fights where he also yelled but not as much as the others. A lot of them felt the need to fight to be seen or to stay in the show but Luv proved that you really don’t.

No Romance, only bromance

Luv has successfully gotten through 13 weeks of the show without ‘falling in love’ or flirting. In fact, when Arshi Khan had asked him if he was staring at her chest, he got really embarrassed, looked away and denied looking at anything. Dhinchak Pooja even revealed that she has a crush on him and he stirred clear of the romance. Instead he chose to spend his time with Hina and Priyank. He even got really upset when he was shown a footage of Priyank and Hina discussing whether or not he has a soft spot for her.

The Not-So-Undeserving contestant

Despite contestants claiming that he doesn’t deserve to be in the game, we feel he pretty much does. He is good at performing the tasks, he hasn’t offended the audience with insensitive remarks and he literally stayed in the show for so long without washing his dirty linen in public. That’s a rare quality you’d find in a Bigg Boss contestant.

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